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70% of questions in Verbal Section are from RCs. You better not take a chance with that!

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What makes it the best RC and Verbal Ability course?

  • In-depth Content

    Years of actual test-taking experience has gone into the making extremely relevant content and 30+ concept videos for this course.

  • Extensive Practice

    We will provide you 500 Passages with about 2500+ Questions.Actual CAT RCs from 1990-2008 solved and coupled with new and original questions.

  • Mentoring and Hand-holding

    Our expert mentoring sets your prep-compass in the right direction.Exact sources of what to read including Essays and Editor’s picks.

  • 24x7 Support

    Whatsapp and Facebook Group Support for all enrolled students. Get reading suggestions, ask your doubts, queries anytime.

  • We challenge you

    This course is not about passive learning: we are going to make you read Technology, Philosophy, Religion, Politics, etc and not focus on simply theoretical concepts.

  • Made with love

    No fancy tech teams or huge marketing budgets, just passion. This course is made with and for the love of learning. Our passion for learning is written all over the course.


The most comprehensive Online Preparation for Reading Comprehensions, Verbal Ability, and General Knowledge!

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What are you waiting for? Learn from the best to become the best!

Who is Wordpandit

I am Prashant Chadha, a graduate engineer from Punjab Engineering College and founder of Wordpandit. I started training students in the year 2008, and over the course of 10 years, I have trained more than 10000 students for CAT and other aptitude exams. I took CAT for the first time in the year 2006, and since then, I have taken the exam multiple times. In the CAT Verbal Ability section, I have scored 99+ percentile 8 times. 

What do our Students say?

Sruti Sajith

IIM-B, 99.59 %ile in CAT

This is the first time when I've been really enjoying a Test prep class. Clear and not overloaded by odd information text spiced by funny jokes creates a really warm atmosphere for learning. I truly believe this is the perfect way for training guys like me - who enjoy the process and values it not less than the actual results of studying.

Pritika Sachdeva

FMS, 99.62 %ile in CAT

The mentoring I got from Prashant Sir really helped me reach my dream institute. During my Prep journey, he is the most competent verbal ability faculty I have ever come across. I was confident of the concepts of various topics, anxiety got the better of me every time. It is the motivation and support provided by Wordpandit that made me crack CAT.

Siddartha Kella

IIM-U, 99.15 %ile in CAT

In the VA section, I scored 96.2 %ile in CAT’16 and 58.6%ile in CAT’15. This vast difference can be attributed to Wordpandit and undoubtedly Prashant Sir. The Daily Reads section is a boon for students and actual RCs in CAT were very close to the sources we practiced from.The innovative way of teaching really helped me improve my score!

Have some doubts? Bet these FAQs will clear them out!

Q1. Is this course for me?

A. More versions of this question can be:
a) I am already taking CAT coaching from XYZ institute, is this course for me?
b) I am a working professional/dropper, preparing on my own, is this course for me?
c) I have already taken a complete CAT online course for ABC institute, is this course for me?
To answer this question, we want to ask you a question: Do you want to get a good percentile in CAT and get into a top MBA college? If your answer is yes, then this course is for you.
RC forms 70% of the verbal Section in CAT and is a definite fixture in all other MBA exams as well. Also, teaching someone how to read will not be a priority of any institute providing you a fully fledged course. They would focus equally on all other topics, giving one or maximum two sessions for each topic. They also would be focussing on all students and you do not get any individual attention as you will get here. One analogy we can draw is: No matter which surgery you are having, you need an Anesthesiologist, that too a very skilled one. Our role is the same, no matter which course you take for CAT, it is our guarantee that RCs cannot be covered in this much detail anywhere else.

Q2. Why should I buy this course? What all will I get?

Few points which make this course a unique course for every CAT aspirant are:
  • Concept Videos for all topics (RCs, Grammar, Vocabulary and Reasoning). These are pre recorded so that you can learn at your own pace. Total number of videos in the course is 200+.
  • 800 RCs which means 4000+ Questions. These RCs are divided level wise. All Actual CAT RCs from 2017 to 2020 (with VIDEO SOLUTIONS) and 1990-2008 (with detailed explanations); as well as with new refreshed questions
  • Daily Reads: Four Articles from various national and international publications from which actual CAT RCs are sourced
  • Daily Reads RC: One RC a day based on the articles links we share. 200 Daily Reads RCs are in addition to the 800 RCs. So, in total, you get more than 1000+ RCs.
  • 30 Editor's picks for topics related to Technology, Philosophy, Religion, Politics, etc along with difficult terms from all these fields.
  • 60 Live Classes to discuss your doubts, queries, articles and RCs.
  • All topics in Reasoning covered with Videos and Question banks. Questions based on latest CAT pattern.
  • Basic and Advanced Grammar covered with the help videos, notes, and tests.
  • Special Vocabulary lessons covering two vocabulary books and exhaustive vocabulary question banks, covering all topics that appear in various entrance exams.
  • Full length CAT Mock tests and sectional tests will be added on a pre-defined schedule, which is provided at the time of enrollment.
  • There will be only one single faculty, a highly competent 8-time CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 99-percentiler, Prashant Chadha aka Wordpandit himself.
In a nutshell, you need to buy this course to make Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability preparation a Piece of Cake.

Q3. How will the course be delivered?

The course content will be delivered through this platform you are currently using. Through this platform, we deliver videos, topic tests, mock tests and other learning material to you.
For discussions, use our course Facebook and Whatsapp Groups. All enrolled students are added to these two groups and all communication takes place through these groups.
For live classes, we use Zoom (a software/platform for designed specially for delivering live classes).
For personal mentoring and doubt-solving, you can always reach out to us on our WhatsApp number and we will fix an apt time for discussion. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible but request you to wait for a few hours for us to respond.

Q4. Is this course enough to score well in the VA-RC section for CAT and other MBA exams?

Absolutely, unequivocally yes! You do not need any other book, class, practice test or any other material for VA-RCs except this Ultimate VA-RC Course.

Q5. Why do you have just deal with one area of the exam?

A. For the past ten years, we have been running these websites: wordpandit.com and cat.wordpandit.com successfully. The one issue most students face in CAT or any other competitive exam is: how to tackle Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability? Moreover, we have seen that many toppers or 99 percentilers in LR/ DI and Quant end up missing out on IIM calls because of bad performance in RCs and Verbal Ability. This propelled us to work on this course which is a result of our unwavering passion to make learning accessible and fun for all. We do not have fancy tech-teams or a mega-marketing budget. All we have is exceptionally strong content and this belief that we can improve your reading skills. Also, Verbal Ability does not have any formulas, there are no shortcuts, and you need to diligently work on your skills. That is why a specialized VA-RC course is what is needed. Also, in the coming time we will be launching many other courses as well.

Q6. How do you justify the price of this course?

A. We have just a simple argument here for you: quality and price are actually directly proportional. At the end of the day, the comfort of a Mercedes cannot be matched by a low-budget car, can it? Having said that, we firmly believe the plethora of features our course has, it is actually great value for money. We do not believe in duping people by giving a certain price and then giving huge discounts on it just to drive up sales.
Finally, no amount of money is more valuable than one year wasted because of low CAT Verbal scores!

Q7. How do I make the payment for Online CAT RC and VA Course?

A. Go to this Course Page. Click on the Buy Bundle button. Once you do, you will be asked to sign-in (in case you are registered user) or sign-up (in case you are not registered on the platform). Once you sign-up/sign-up, you will have a pop-up where you enter your phone number (if not entered) and email ID. You can select the payment method (card/netbanking/mobile wallets) and proceed with the transaction. The invoice will be sent on your registered email ID. The payment is 100% safe and secure.

Q8. Which modes of payment do you accept?

A. All debit cards, credit cards, and net banking options are available. In case you want to deposit direct to our account, just send us an email on admin@wordpandit.com and we will send you our bank account details. We have an account with IDBI Bank. Once you make the deposit, we will send you an email with the login / password for the course.

Q9. What are the technical specifications required for this course?

A. We advise you to use an internet connection with a minimum speed of 1 MBPS (this should not be a problem in the world of 4G). Along with this, the course is compatible with mobile browsers and you should be able to view videos and solve tests on mobile as well.
For practicing RCs, even though the tests are mobile-compatible, we advise you to solve these tests on a laptop or desktop for a better user experience. With the split screen layout on desktops/laptops, it is easier to solve Reading Comprehensions and Mock tests.

Q10. How do I contact Wordpandit in case of any queries or need more information?

A. You can drop us an email at admin@wordpandit.com or give us a call at 82889-54593 or 97805-05498. Or, you can Whatsapp chat with us (8 AM to 8 PM) on the numbers given. For any technical issues, reach out to our tech team at admin@learnyst.com.

Q11. How can CAT-2020 students extend their course?

Just drop us an email and we will let you know how to extend your course.

Q12. The course is valid till what date?

All courses for CAT 2020 are valid till Jan 2021 (so you should be covered till XAT). In case you wish to extend the duration of the course can contact us at 82889-54593 or 97805-05498.

Q13. What if I don't like the Course?

A. We urge you to go through the content on the website (www.wordpandit.com) and check it out in detail. We have put up of 100s of free resources on the website and these are a testament to our quality. Also, you can talk to us or go through the course details (we have done our bit in explaining every feature of the course). Proceed once you are convinced. As far as the content and course details are concerned, they are available in the form a course explainer here. Download the same and go through it closely. In case you have any problems with our courses, reach out to us on admin@wordpandit.com and we will help you resolve the same. We do not issue any refunds.

Q14. How do I get added to the Course Whatsapp and Facebook Groups? Can I use a Fake Account for the Facebook Group?

A. You simply drop us a Whatsapp message using your registered number. We will add you to the groups. No fake accounts are allowed for Facebook. In case you are not using Facebook and create an account especially for the course, the same will not be added to the course group. Only genuine accounts will be added to the group to prevent account abuse.

Our Story

Wordpandit is the country’s leading website for CAT Preparation, Aptitude Development, Learning Words and Reading Improvement. With our intensive visuals-based learning technique and innovative content, we make learning fun and easy. We bring the same approach to this CAT course and this labour of love is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and in-depth course on CAT Reading Comprehension available in the market.






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